Buying Used vs New

Buying any vehicle isn't an easy task. It is one that you should think about and make sure that you can afford and maintain. It doesn't matter whether it's a new car - and everything is shiny and new, or a used car - where you're not sure what problems may already exist. Let's take a look at New vs. Used cars and their pros and cons respectively.   

Pros and Cons of the New Car 


  • Low Maintenance 
  • Teen can concentrate on driving 
  • No worries - at least not right away
  • Latest safety features

  • Depreciation - new cars lose value faster than used cars
  • Higher Insurance Rates - New Car premiums along with new driver (Inexperienced driver) premiums
  • More wear and tear - A young teenage driver will definitely leave dents and scratches as they become more comfortable behind the wheel

Pros and Cons of the Used Car


  • Used cars are more inexpensive to purchase compared to new cars 
  • They will lose less value over time. 
  • Insurance premiums will be lower. 

  • You will have increased maintenance costs
  • Used cars also don't always have all of the latest safety equipment - When purchasing any used vehicle you should always examine the safety features
  • Dealer may have a limited warranty

Before making any decision consider what safety features you are looking for, what your price range will be and how you are paying for it, (i.e is your teen going to be working for the car, helping to pay insurance, etc.) This is definitely a great milestone with many worries and new headaches to accompany it. Don't let it take you by surprise and just use these tips to help you make the right decision for you and your teen.  

Author Note: Maria Briggs is the owner and author of the popular family and lifestyle blog, Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker. You can catch all of her great tips and stories on her Facebook page as well. 

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